An international appeal
to find
the "Mud angels"
for the thirtieth anniversary
of the flooding of the Arno

A wonderful event is being organized in Florence between November 1st-3rd 1996: the "The International meeting of the mud angels", which Legambiente is preparing for the thirtieth anniversary of the flooding of the Arno.

Thanks to the help of a vast number of channels of information and the media throughout the world, the many thousands of people, including a large number of private citizens, who showed ther concrete solidarity thirty years ago by helping the people of the city to remove the mud, clean up the streets from the slime, the oil and all kinds of rubbish, and save the thousands of panels, canvases, works of art, the enormous collections of books and thousands of documents from the archives, will be invited for the frst time back to Florence. At such a dramatic time, the presence of such a large number of people who all spoke different languages for many people meant a sign of life and hope.

Legambiente is preparing a drawing of a map of this solidarity, in order to render homage to all the people who contributed towards the rebirth of Florence. A special telephone number (055/2478599) has been installed and secretarial staff are available to deal with any requests for information.

Moreover, Legambiente is makings an appeal to all the inhabitants of the city, the hotel structures and connected associations, the voluntary associations in Florence and district, asking them to offer their hospitality and collaboration to the "survivors" of that great moment of solidarity during the three days of the "International meeting of the mud angels".

A convention on cities that have been flooded has also been organized during the Meeting and will thus give the public a chance to reflect on the flood of 1966 and the present state of the Arno.

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