by Silvia Messeri e Sandro Pintus

Mega Review's special issue on the flood of November 4th 1966 is dedicated to the Florentines, those that helped them and, above all, the "Mud angels".

Many young and not quite so young people came here from all over the world immediately after the flood to help save all the works of art and books, removing the witnesses of centuries of Art and History from the mud and oblivion. This was not only a wonderful gift for the City of Florence but also for all Mankind.

Rescuing the works of art

The only language spoken at such a difficult time was the universal language of Solidarity and Love of Art that united nations and overcame all divisions and language barriers.

Florence Art News dedicates these photographs, witnesses of a solidarity that knew no frontiers, in memory of the hard, patient and muddy work of all those who helped give the City of Florence back its former ancient beauty.
Once more, thank you.


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