"The city was in a state of utter desolation but the feeling of solidarity shown by the hundreds of young people was equally strong."

An account by Cristina Rossi (I)

For two Sundays running, several students from the Galvani Classical Lyceum in Bologna helped to recover the books in the National Library. This initiative was organized by Daniele Bonvicini, now a lawyer in Bologna, then a student in the III E. The city administration provided two public buses to take us to Florence.

Florence was in a state of utter desolation, but the feeling of solidarity shown by hundreds of young people, who had come here from all over the world, was equally strong.

A photo, which I have unfortunately lost, was taken as a reminder of the period.

My compliments on this initiative, all the best from
Cristina Rossi (III E school year 1966-67)



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