I accompanied my uncle in a huge truck full of bread which he had bought and paid for himself

An account by Enzo Terzi (I)

"I was 14 years old at the time and studying at the lower middle school. I had to go at once and help my grandmother who lived in a ground floor flat with a garden in the Gavinana area. The floodwaters had reached the height of three metres where she lived and everything had been completely destroyed.

Immediately afterwards I went to the National Library to shovel away the mud and I remained there for a week. It was extremely hard work; I used the spade and the boy who was working with me had to collect it up in a bucket and throw it away. When I got married I discovered that my wife Gabriella, who was 17 years old at the time, had also worked at the National Library.

There was naturally a food shortage and lack of many basic necessities in such a terrible moment and therefore an uncle of mine, who lived in Siena, decided to buy, at his own expense, a load of bread which he took to Florence in a huge truck and then distributed it to the population".



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