"We felt really satisfied after we had cleaned out the bedrooms and the refectory of the old folk's home"

An account by Tiziana Rossi (I)

"I was 15 years old and the Enrico Fermi Lyceum in Bologna where I studied organized an expedition to Florence with the Galvani Classical Lyceum. I immediately decided to go and, with my school friends, left when it was still dark, to do something for this city that had been so badly damaged.

The students from the scientific lyceum were sent to clean an old folk's home. It was extremely hard work; I remember that when we all met up at the coach in the evening to go back to Bologna, we were all so covered in mud that we could hardly recognize one another. We felt really satisfied with what we had done; we hadn't taken any paintings or antique books to safety, we had only cleaned out the bedrooms and the refectory of an old folk's home, but we felt we had done something useful.



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