"Even though I was only 13, I realised I was doing something to save culture"

An account by Maristella Vicini (I)

"I didn't come to Florence at the time of the flood in 1966 because in that period I was only 13 and my parents wouldn't let me. All the work was carried out in Rome by groups of volunteers, many of whom were the same age as I was.

Someone organized this volunteer service to help save the books from the State Archives in Florence. I remember that they were very old books, some of them containing illuminated miniatures. Our work consisted in very carefully turning over the pages and placing sheets of absorbent paper between one page and another.

I remember that I felt I was taking part in a very important event, something that effected me very deeply and, even at that age, I realised I was doing something to save culture.

In later years, I even came to live in Florence, which I am very fond of.

Today Maristella Vicini is a manager for the FIAT in Rome.



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