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By Giacomo Pierini
Annigoni: Study for the face of Christ for the fresco of the Last Supper at Ponte Buggianese

Pietro Annigoni

An important anthological exhibition on Pietro Annigoni with over 150 paintings and 50 sketches, lithographs, etchings, illustrated books and documents from private and public collections is now open (until September 10th), on an initiative of the City Council of Florence and with the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Region of Tuscany. It is hosted in the historic Renaissance Palazzo Strozzi, right in the centre of Florence, seat of prestigious institutions like Gabinetto Viesseux and the National Institute for Renaissance Studies. The name of Pietro Annigoni (Milan,1910-Firenze,1988) is well known throughout the world, however many aspects of his work are still completely unknown. The exhibition follows a detailed artistic itinerary that provides a first appraisal of this brilliant painter and artist, gifted with a unique technical skill that allowed him to carry out many important works of art, including portraits, medallions and minute etchings, and who was born and lived in a century that saw great revolutions and protests. foto 1: Annigoni: Studio per il volto di Cristo foto 2:Annigoni: Paesaggio Born artistically in Florence in the years immediately after the First World War, Annigoni started to attract the attention of the the cultural world in the mid 1930's when he started exhibiting with great success in Milan. He then began to widen his cultural horizons by travelling around various European countries, especially Germany, where he was utterly fascinated by German painting. The series of guaches, carried out on his travels or simply on walks in the country, show Annigoni's rare talent in capturing some of the most intrinsic aspects of nature, always portrayed in a strong and suggestive style. Real success came in 1949, when the Royal Academy decided to exhibit his work; Annigoni followed up with exhibitions in France, Germany and the United States and, when some of the most important museums in the world (the Uffizi, the Metropolitan Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the Vatican Museums) purchased his work, he became famous throughout the world. With this important exhibition, Florence - the city where he took his first steps in art - renders him homage today. Pietro Annigoni - Until September 10th. Palazzo Strozzi - Piazza Strozzi, Florence. Hours: daily 10am-7pm, with probable evening openings Entrance: L. 15.000 (reduced tickets for students, old age pensioners and groups).

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