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Taken from "Firenze e le sue colline"
by Luciano Artusi and V.Giannetti
Semper Editrice Firenze

The Hill of Bellosguardo

This delightfully picturesque hill is extremely close to the city, making a really suggestive walk that takes us to beauty spots like Prato (Field) dello Strozzino and Piazzale di Bellosguardo which have lost nothing of their enchantment of the past.

The entrance to Villa Pagani Nefetti

We can get a unique and wonderful view over Florence from the low wall in front of Villa dell'Ombrellino, famous for having hosted Galileo and Foscolo: the entire city, with its cupolas, bell towers, towers, churches and palaces, can be seen spread out below.

panoramic view of the hill

The solitary silence and the grassy meadows that we notice as we walk along Via Piana, which winds across the ridge of the hill, make us feel that we really are back in the countryside. After such a peaceful interlude marked by so many of the typically romantic views to be found among the Florentine hills, our return to the city immediately takes us back to the reality of the modern day.

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