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The Biennial of Fashion

The Biennial of Fashion was created by the City of Florence and the Tuscan Region to promote contemporary culture. It aims to be a workshop of ideas where world class fashion designers can explore the contribution style and fashion have brought to our end-of-the-millenium media culture. The theme for this edition of the Biennial is the rapport between Fashion and Cinema and consists in six exhibitions set up in Florence itself, Prato and Livorno. While the focus of the Biennial is on the present, the aim is that of including a sense of both the past and future whilst analysing how fashion and film overlap, interact, coexist and influence each other.

Stazione Leopolda

Jenny Beavan (Costume designer, Academy Award for Room with a view), Dante Ferretti (Stage designer, six times nominated for the Academy Award for Kundun, Interview with the Vampire, The age of Innocence, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Hamlet), Michael Howells (Stage designer), Terry Jones (Founder and Creative Director i-D Magazine), Elena Mannini (Costume designer), Richard Martin (Curator, The Costume Institute, The Metropolitan Museum), Gabriella Pescucci (Costume designer, Academy Award for The Age of Innocence), Vieri Razzini (Film critic), Vittorio Storaro (Director of photography, three times Academy Award winner for Apocalypse now, Reds, The Last Emperor), Oliviero Toscani (Art Director and Photographer) are the curators of the 1998 edition of the Biennial of Fashion with Leonardo Mondadori Chairman. Such an ambitious project - with its aim of interpreting, developing and presenting the culture of Fashion and the part it plays in contemporary creativity - can only be held in a suitable and quite extraordinary setting. A place that not only expresses culture and art but is also capable of promoting its qualities through the communicative strength, immediacy and universitality that can be found in Fashion.

Palazzo Spini Feroni

Florence and Tuscany represent the ideal setting for an event of this kind. Florence is a capital of art and has a unique image and reputation thoughout the world. Moreover Florence is linked to the origins of Italian Fashion since the beginning of the 1950's, with the fashion shows in the White Room at the Pitti Palace. Tuscany immediately conjures up Italian culture and style in the eyes of the world, with a strong individuality on a historical, artistic and cultural level.

La Biennale della Moda Exhibitions, a retrospective of films, seminary and other events. For further information tel. 055/249141. Until December 10th 1998.

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