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The hill of Montughi

Via Federico Stibbert is a peaceful road that turns off from Via Vittorio Emanuele, climbs the hill and ends in front of the gates of the park surrounding the Villa of Montughi. The hill became an extremely exclusive area thanks to its close vicinity to the city and therefore many of the illustrious and ancient Florentine families, like the Ughi, the Medici and the Alberti families, built their villas here.

Via Stibbert

Enclosed between walls smothered in ivy, Via di Montughi follows the level ridge of the hill, going past elegant houses that are steeped in history and art, like Villa Alberti, where the ***Pazzi*** plot was hatched, and Villa Guicciardini, where Pope Pius IX stayed before his visit to Florence in 1857.

The little Temple

Via della Pietra instead runs through open countryside while the utter silence to be found in Via Santa Marta stimulates a rapt concentration of sensations. Lastly, after passing the white monastery of Santa Marta, we come to the convent of the Capuchin friars of Montughi whose church courtyard once gave onto one of the most suggestive views of the city.

Taken from"Firenze e le sue colline" di L.Artusi e V. Giannetti © 1997SEMPER EDITRICE FIRENZE

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