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Diladdarno has now become a classic event in Spring in Florence. It not only gives you the chance to discover the wonderful craftsmanship on this side of the Arno but also to explore a fascinating area that still reflects so much of Florence's past. The programme opens with Diladdarno Crafts (April 1st-9th), with exhibitions in the Church of S. Carlo dei Barnabiti (La Luce) in Via S. Agostino, in the Hall of the Cenacolo (the Sartoria Fiorentina) and the Hall of the Colonna (wrought iron), inside the Church of S. Maria del Carmine, Piazza del Carmine. Apart from various exhibitions in the Oltrarno craft workshops there will also be a market and fair of traditional and artistic crafts and typical products from Riems at the Limonaia in Piazza del Carmine and of food and nature and in the square itself. (April 5th-9th). An exhibition of crafts and antiques in Borgo Tegolaio (April 9th), will be held on the same day as the market in Piazza S. Spirito. Then we can also visit the Invisible Museum (crafts) in Canto ai 4 Leoni (April 9th-22nd). Discovering Diladdarno (April 15th-30th) includes guided visits around the Oltrarno to admire historic buildings, gardens, workshops, artists' studios, etc. The Little Fair in Piazza S. Spirito (April 16th) will be held at the same time as the Antiques Market at Porta San Frediano, in Via Pisana, Viale Ariosto, Piazza de'Nerli. Dinner beneath the city walls of S. Rosa will conclude the day which is further enriched by the Palio between the Ancient Gonfaloniers of Oltrarno in Piazza del Carmine. Mortadella in the Square in Piazza della Calza with tastings (afternoon of April 29th) will open on the same day as a "green street" in a "blue zone", Via Romana (April 29th-May 14th). Performances in Diladdarno (May 7th-28th) will offer music, ballet and art in the Church of S. Monica and other sites to be defined. Then a book fair on the Church of S. Monica, Dialect Theatre at the Teatro di Cestello, Sports events in various places. There will also be the Market in Piazza S. Spirito (May 14th), the Marzocco - a tournament between flag-wavers from the cities of Florence, Asti, Ascoli and Narni - and a Topolino Club Meeting (places and route to be defined). Last, but not least, San Niccolò, per Bacco! in the quarter of San Niccolò (May 19th-21st) and the Little Fair in Piazza S. Spirito (May 21st). Have fun! For further information Tel. 055.2705266.

Translated by Susan Glasspool

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