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A magnificent place for an egoist....

It almost seems like the houses are ready and waiting to receive their inhabitants, but nobody has come. The very day of my arrival, in the month of May, I went out onto the middle bridge of the Lungarno, at two o'clock in the afternoon, and I can guarantee that I was alone; not a soul was there, and I was tempted to believe that the whole city existed for me and me alone. A magnificent place for an egoist... and the site of the Camposanto is the most deserted in the city. In vain, on the bright horizon, the mofty Pisan hills upraise their blue peaks; in vain the spring growth bursting with flowers, butterflies and nesta luxuriantly spreads over the bare stones of the walls' high towers; in vain the magnificent Baptistry nearby, like the high dome of an underground temple, displays its elegant sculptures; in vain the white leaning tower - a giant column - rings its piercing bells; and the cathedral, radiant in its infinite beauty, intones the lithurgy.
Emilio Castelar

The hillsides crown where the wild hill brightens.

Taken from "Beautiful Tuscany" Casa Editrice FMG

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