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Fabio De Poli and Mario Ceroli
in the Arms Room

The Mario Ceroli (Platonic Discourses on Geometry) and Fabio De Poli (The House of Thought) shows organized by the Regional CGIL with catalogue by Alessandra Bruni in the Arms Room at PalazzoVecchio are really two separate but interrelated exhibitions. Visitors can therefore not only get an idea of their long working relationship and the many interests they have in common but also understand the methods and approach of each artist as regards this historic exhibition area.

The two exhibitions have been organized without any intervening interval so that when the first exhibition closes, De Poli's huge canvases will be carried outside the display area into the square, while Ceroli's eight sculptures are taken inside to set up the new show. Their stay in the square, transport into the exhibition area, the workmen going back and forth and the gaze of the onlookers will form an important part of the show itself. This exhibition in fact wishes to be "nourished " by the public in a new and unconventional way, without the usual barriers that often separate what the artist is trying to say, just as during the Renaissance there were no such things as museums and art flourished naturally, thanks to the fertile and constructive relationship that existed between art works and society.

An entire morning will be taken up by this virtual backdrop, veiling the rotation of the two artists and giving the two exhibitions a uniquely spectacular character of their own: one act performances of the same theatrical event, "a wonderful machine" in typical Renaissance style, following the same movements that were used for the ancient holy or profane mummery which was only abandoned after the invention of gunpowder (a few years before the discovery of America).

The open and fertile dialectics behind this exhibition therefore also mark a really important moment of expressive creativity.

Arms Room, Palazzo Vecchio. Tel. 5036202. Hours: 10am-1pm - 4-7pm. Closed on Mondays. Entrance free. De Poli: from March 18th to April 3rd. Ceroli: from April 3rd to 20th.

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