The "Golden Keys" Association of Hotel Concierges of Florence are members of the national Federation F.I.P.A. (Italian Federation of Hotel Concierges), which belongs, in its turn, to the International Federation U.I.C.O. (International Union Clefs d'Or), with headquarters in Paris.

The "Golden Keys"Association was founded in France in 1929 and can be found today in thirty-four countries throughout the world, while another three will be added in the near future.

The "Golden Keys" can be found in all the main cities and best Hotels in Italy.

The aim of the Association, which is a non profit-making organization, is to offer its members technical assistance and friendly advice so as to help its members maintain their highly professional standards. The "Golden Keys" therefore keeps up an exchange of information between the various associations as well as the various countries.

They also organize professional training courses and keep lists of eventual job offers and/or highly qualified colleagues.

The "Golden Keys" are a reference point for all Guests to the various cities in Italy because they are able to resolve any problems they may have during their stay; this includes procuring train, air, museum and theatre tickets, providing information on city events, doing everything in their power to make the Client's stay as pleasant as possible in order to enhance the image of the city.

The "Golden Keys" are in touch, because of their obvious professional affinity, with all the various associations in the tourist/hotel trade, with whom they keep up a regular exchange of information.

The Association of Florence has further improved its professional contribution of collaboration with the city by producing a free booklet, easy and quick to consult, in two languages, English and Italian, called:

"Florence Concierge Information"

The headquarters of the "Golden Keys" Association and the "Florence Concierge Information" offices (for further information please contact Susan Glasspool Bottaro), are in Via Il Prato, phone 055-288388 fax 055-293063 - Florence

Association Portieri d'Albergo "LE CHIAVI D'ORO" Toscana
Golden Keys Associations in Italy
Sites and info on other information booklets produced by the Golden Keys

Tuscan Association
Office: Via il Prato, 39/b,
50123 Florence
Tel. 055 288388 - fax 055.293063


President - Celli Stefano - Hotel Villa Cora, Florence

Vice-President - Alessandro Marchese - Hotel Helvezia & Bristol, Florence

Honorary President: Carlesi Fabio - Office, Florence
Honorary President: Grossi Enrico - Office, Florence
Honorary President: Tarabusi Francesco - Office, Florence
President: - Celli Stefano - Hotel Villa Cora, Florence
Vice President: Alessandro Marchese - Hotel Helvezia & Bristol, Florence
Secretary: Beneforti Aldo - Hotel Villa Medici, Florence
Treasurer: Maestosi Aldo - Grand Hotel, Florence
National Councillor: Benci Andrea - Hotel Lungarno, Florence
National Councillor: Frediani Marcello - Office, Florence
Regional Councillor: Brunori Francesco - Office, Florence
Regional Councillor: Britti Stefano - Hotel Albani, Florence
Regional Councillor: Mitrioni Antonio - Grand Hotel Villa Cora, Florence
Regional Councillor: Micheli Massimo - Hotel villa Medici, Florence
Councillor: Mitrione Antonio - Grand Hotel Villa Cora, Florence
Catena Spingardi: Frediani Marcello - Office, Florence
Auditors: Carlesi Fabio - Office, Florence
Auditors: Nencini Paolo - Hotel Villa Medici, Florence

Florence Concierge Information
Chiavi d'Oro Toscana s.c.a r.l.

Office: Via il Prato, 39/b, 50123 Florence
Tel. 055.288388 - fax 055 293063

President - Ammazzini Maurizio - Hotel Villa S. Michele, Fiesole (FI)
Vice President - Beneforti Aldo - Hotel Villa Medici, Florence
Vice President - Parlanti Massimo - Westin Excelsior, Florence
Councillor - Celli Stefano - Hotel Villa Cora, Florence
Councillor - Benci Andrea - Hotel Lungarno, Florence
Councillor - Brunori Francesco - Grand Hotel Minerva, Florence
Councillor - Frediani Marcello -Hotel Baglioni, Florence
Head Auditor -Micheli Massimo - Hotel Villa Medici, Florence
Assistant Auditor - Carlesi Fabio - Office, Florence
Assistant Auditor - Grossi Enrico - Office, Florence

Rome Association
Via Domodossola, 29
00183 Rome
Tel. / fax - 06.7001637

Past-President - Lodigiani Adolfo - Hotel Commodore, Rome
Honorary President - Olmeda Alberto - Office, Rome
President - Ottavo Bonifacio - Hotel Dei Congressi, Rome
Vice President - Puoti Antonio - Office, Rome
Vice President - Zamberlan Luciano - Hotel Hassler Villa Medici, Rome
Secretary - Durante Giovanni - Hotel Teatro di Pompeo, Rome
Treasurer - Duca Carlo - Hotel Ariston, Rome
National Councillor - Arciola Vincenzo - Hotel Ambasciatori, Rome
Regional Councillor - Bami Vincenzo, Htel Napoleon, Rome
RegionalCouncillor - Benicchi G. Franco - Hotel Forum, Rome
Regional Councillor - Ciotti Mario - Residenza Parco Tirreno, Rome
Regional Councillor - Companone Marina - Hotel Famese, Rome
Regional Councillor - D'Emanuele Armando - Hotel Flora, Rome
Regional Councillor - Galiena Giorgio - Hotel Victoria, Rome
Regional Councillor - Malmignati Aurelio - Hotel Nord Nuova Roma, Rome
Catena Spingardi - Bami Vincenzo - Hotel Napoleon, Rome
Press - Ciotti Mario - Residenza Parco Tirreno, Rome
Press - Zamberlan Luciano - Hotel Hassler Villa Medici, Rome
Auditor - Bertelŕ Mauro - Hotel Visconti Palace, Rome
Auditor - De Maria Cosimo - Office, Rome
Auditor - Dezi Ugo - Office, Rome

A Guest in Rome
Publishing Offices: Via Domodossola, 29
00183 Rome
Tel. / fax 06.7001637

Piedmont Association
Office: Hotel Dock & Milano, Via Cernaia,
46 10122 Torino
Tel. 011. 5622622 - fax 011. 545939

Honorary President - Bermond Aldo - Office
Honorary President - Beux Clemente - Office
President - Renzoni Roberto - Turin Palace Hotel, Turin
Vice President - Ciaschini Dimitri - Hotel Atlantic, Borgaro Torinese
Secretary - Parino Susanna - Hotel Rivoli, Rivoli
Assistant Secretary - Testa Giuseppe - Gotha Hotel, Cirič
Treasurer - Aissa Fabio - Jet Hotel, Caselle Torinese
National Councillor - Long Alberto, Jet Hotel, Caselle Torinese
National Councillor - Gubert Renzo - Hotel Venezia, Turin
National Councillor -Testa Giuseppe, Gotha Hotel, Cirič
Regional Councillor - Boaglio Eraldo - Hotel Crimea, Torino
Regional Councillor - Libralon Cristiana - Jet Hotel, Caselle Torinese
Regional Councillor - Povero Paolo - B.I.T., Torino
Regional Councillor - Varvello Mario - Sede Sociale, Turin
Catena Spingardi - Long Alberto - Jet Hotel, Caselle Torinese
Public Relations - Fuggetta Giuseppe - B.I.T., Turin
Press - Cirillo Nicola - Hotel Le Meridien, Turin
Auditor - Bermond Aldo - Office
Auditor - Ronchail Giorgio - Office
Valle d'Aosta Delegate - Trematore Roberto - Hotel Billia, St. Vincent

A Guest in Turin
Two monthly
Golden Keys Piedmont
Hotel Atlantic
Tel. 011.4500055

Lombardy Association Office
- Viale Andrea Doria, 17
20124 Milan
Tel. / Fax 02.6693898

Life Counsillor - Giarola Spartaco - Office, Milan
President - Bona Giorgio - Hotel Mediolanum, Milan
Vice President - Todeschini Pier Luigi - Hotel Lugano Dante, Lugano (CH)
Secretary - Bruscagin Leonardo, Hotel Four Seasons. Milan
Treasurer - Bellini Dante - Office, Milan
National Councillor - Cavicchioli Federico - Hotel Michelangelo, Milan
National Councillor - Rossetti Marino - Hotel Jolly Touring, Milan
Regional Councillor - Todeschini Patrizio - Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan
Press - Pisani Gianfranco - Office, Milan
Catena Spingardi - Rizzo Giuseppe - Hotel Casa Svizzera, Milan

A Guest in Milan
Golden Keys Lombardy Offices: Viale A. Doria, 17
20124 Milan
Tel. / Fax 02.6693898

http://www.ospitedi milano.it

Triveneta Association
Office: San Marco, 1470
30124 Venice
Tel. 041.5220848 - fax 041.2417294

Honorary President - Menia Cav. Osvaldo - Sede Sociale, Venice
Honorary President
- Vinci Franco - Sede Sociale, Venice
President - Francescon Cav. Luciano - Hotel Excelsior, Venice Lido
Vice President - Talvacchia Vittorio - Hotel Excelsior, Venice Lido
Vice President - Rigoni Silvano - Hotel President, Abano Terme
Secretary - Scandalo Claudio - Hotel Cavalletto, Venice
Treasurer - Viale Mario - Sede Sociale, Venice
Treasurer - Scultz Aldo - Sede Sociale, Venice
Councillor - Bellotto Riccardo - Hotel Savoia, Cortina d'Ampezzo
Councillor - Boscaro Tenenti Paolo - Hotel Darieli, Venice
Councillor - Bullo Aldo - Hotel Londra Palace, Venice
Councillor - Concolato Riccardo, Hotel Bristol Buja, Abano Terme
Councillor - Di Vacri Paolo - Hotel Bauer, Venice
Councillor - Dorigo Floriano - Hotel Londra Palace, Venice
Councillor - Masiero Piero - Abano Terme
Councillor - Scultz Aldo - Sede Sociale, Venice
Councillor - Sem Gianni - International Hotel Bertha, Montegrotto T.
Councillor - Viale Mario - Sede Sociale, Venice
Catena Spingardi - Quaia Raffaele - Sede Sociale, Venice
Press - Dorigo Floriano - Hotel Londra Palace, Venice
Cortina Group Delegate - Bellotto Riccardo - Hotel Savoia, Cortina d'Ampezzo
Euganeo Group Delegate - Rigoni Silvano - Hotel Presiden, Abano Terme
Meran Group Delegate - Kofler Erwin - Kurhotel Palace, Meran
Verona Group Delegate - Castagna Giovanni - Hotel Accademia, Verona

A Guest in Venice
Golden Keys Venice
Publishing Offices: San Marco
1470 - 30124 Venice
Tel. 041.5220848 - Fax 041.2417294

Meran Carnet
A Guest in Meran
Zu Gast in Merano
Golden Keys Meran (Golden Keys Trevenezie)

Trinacria Association
President (office): Hotel President,
Via F. Crispi, 230
90139 Palermo
Tel. 091.580733 - fax 091.6111588 - Telex 910539

Honorary President - Napolitano Antonino - Palermo
Great Councillor - Grotta Antonino - Palermo
President - Scuderi Pietro - Office
President - Spatafora Rosario - Grand Hotel Villa Igiea, Palermo
Vice President - Caiozzo Giuseppe - Hotel Delle Palme, Palermo
Vice President - Lorenzo Alteri - Hotel Europa Palermo
Secretary - Oddo Mario - Hotel Sole, Palermo
Treasurer - Alteri Lorenzo - Hotel Europa, Palermo
National Councillor - Vulpitta Paolo - Hotel Jolly, Palermo
Regional Councillor - Busuttil Tony - Corinthia Palace, Malta
Regional Councillor - Caldani Carlo - Hotel San Michele, Caltanissetta
Regional Councillor - Caristina Antonino - Taonnina
Regional Councillor - Crimi Biagio - Hotel Crystal,Taormina
Regional Councillor - Napolitano Andrea - Hotel Ponte, Palermo
Regional Councillor - Ribecca Mariano - Hotel Kaos, Agrigento
Regional Councillor - Savoca Antonino - Hotel San Domenico, Taormina
Regional Councillor - Tabone Tony - Hotel Corinthia S. Georg, Malta
Head Auditor - Sanfilippo Mario - Hotel Zagarella Palace, S.Flavia, Palermo
Catena Spingardi - Spatafora Antonio - Hotel Europa, Palermo
Press - Taverna Salvatore, Hotel Jolly, Palermo
Unions Observer - Ribaudo Filippo - Hotel Jolly, Palermo

A Guest in Palermo
Golden Keys Trinacria
Edited by the Associazione Arké
Giuseppe Caiozzo - Hotel delle Palme, Palermo
Tel. 091.583933

Campana Association
President (office): Hotel Sorrento Palace, Via S. Antonio, 1
80067 Sorrento
Tel. 081.8784141 - Fax 081.8783933
Secretary (office): Hotel Don Pepe, Via Campo,
80076 Lacco Ameno
Tel. 081.994397 Fax 081.996696
Treasurer and Office: Mario D'Orta - Via Castanito,
448 80074 Casamicciola
Tel. / Fax 081.996255

Honorary President - Cinque Michele - Hotel Casa Albertina, Positano
Honorary President - Esposito Eduardo - Hotel Europa Palace, Anacapri
President - Ruoppo Antonino - Hotel Sorrento Palace, Sorrento
Vice President - Sarli Mario - Hotel Continental Mare, Ischia
Vice President - D'Esposito Antonino - Hotel Flora, Sorrento
Secretary - Migliaccio Marco - Hotel Don Pepe, Lacco Ameno Ischia
Treasurer - D'Orta Mario - Hotel Continental Terme, Ischia
National Councillor - Gambardella Giuseppe - Acampora Hotels, Sorrento
National Councillor - Eroico Mario - Hotel Cicerone, Rome
National Councillor - Scala Franco - Hotel President, Sorrento
Regional Councillor - Cozzolino Gennaro - Hotel Le Sirenuse, Sorrento
Regional Councillor - Fusco Valerio - Hotel Villa Diana, Ischia
Regional Councillor - Della Libera Angelo - Hotel Holiday Inn, Naples
Catena Spingardi - Gambardella Giuseppe, Acampora Hotels, Sorrento
Auditor - Di Stasio Luigi - Hotel Santa Lucia, Naples
Auditor - Guida Maurizio - Hotel Marad, Naples

Ligure Association
President (office) Hotel Excelsior Palace,
Via Michele Pagana, 8
16035 Rapallo
Tel. 0185.230666 - fax 0185.230214
Office: Ristorante Zeffirino,
Via XX Settembre, 80
16121 Genoa
Tel. 010.591990 - Fax 010.586464

Honorary President - Mosetti Mario - Office
Honorary President - Festi Ennio - Grand Htel Miramare, S. M. Ligure
President - Cipollina Angelo - Hotel Excelsior Palace, Rapallo
Vice President - Vago Prospero - Hotel Lido Palace, S.M. Ligure
Vice Presidente - Porro Massimo - Hotel Lido Palace, S.M. Ligure
Secretary - Barattini Giovanni - Hotel Lido Palace, S.M. Ligure
Treasurer - Mezzetta Bruno - Grand Hotel Miramare, S. M. Ligure
National Councillor - Pagliuchi Stefano - Grand Hotel Miramare, S. M. Ligure
National Councillor - Krebs Edith - Hotel Punta Est, Finale Ligure
Regional Councillor - Cotta Giuseppe - Hotel Savoia, Alassio
Regional Councillor - Ghezzi Franco - Grand Hotel Miramare, S. M. Ligure
Catena Spingardi, Sanremo Group - Lanfranconi Luigi - Office
Catena Spingardi, Genoa and Tigullio Group - Sanna Antonio - Office

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