Visit Panzano (m. 478) just past Greve on the Via Cassia. The castle there was almost razed to the ground by the Ghibellines in 1260. The Romanesque parish church of S. Leolino (12th century), with its three aisles and three apses, trussed roof and adjoining cloister is particularly interesting; the interior of the church contains a beautiful panel by Meliore di Jacopo, valuable paintings of 15th century Sienese school and a Della Robbia tabernacle. There is a magnificent view over the Pesa Valley from the courtyard in front of the church. The Church of S. Maria Assunta stands nearby (completely rebuilt in the 19th century) and contains a painting attributed to Ridolfo Ghirlandaio and a Madonna by the Maestro of Greve.