Sanctuary of S. Maria at Pietracupa

Visit the Sanctuary of S. Maria at Pietracupa, near San Donato in Poggio. Here there was once a tabernacle dedicated to the Madonna, with a fresco of the Virgin Mary and Child. The painting, for a long time thought to be by Paolo Schiavo, has recently been attributed to Masaccio and is now preserved in the Sanctuary of S. Maria delle Grazie at Pietracupa. At the end of the 16th century, after a series of healings attributed to the painting, Donato and Santi Naldi, of the noble S. Donato family, donated some land in order that a church could be erected in honour of St. Maria delle Grazie. The church, already completed by 1600, was enlarged and frescoed by Domenico Cresti, known as "il Passignano".