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Apple tart with coffee ice-cream

Apple tart:
Line a cake tin with a con sablée pastry (puff pastry with the addition of milk or cream) and leave to stand for one hour. Grate up 400gr. of rennet apples, mix with two dessertspoons of sugar and spread around the base of the tart. Peel and finely slice up 600gr. of apples and place them on top of the previously grated mixture.
Sprinkle with sugar and lightly flavour with a few drops of Calvados.
Dot on top with tiny dobs of butter (150gr.), and leave to cook in a hot oven for about 30 minutes (about 180°).

Coffee ice-cream Prepare in the same way as for vanilla ice-cream, adding some instant coffee when beating up the yolks of egg.

Accompagny this dessert with Moscadello Passito Castello Banfi Montalcino.

Chef Pasticciere: Filippo Baldini, Chef Executive: Simone Bartolini