Ristorante Oliviero - Via delle Terme, 51r - Florence 3/94

Chicken livers with stinging nettles and pine kernels

Serves 6
400 gr. flour
200 gr. stinging nettle tops
3 eggs
400 gr. prepared chicken livers
2 spoons toasted pine kernels
1 bunch spring onions
Vin Santo, butter, salt and pepper

Boil the stinging nettles. Drain and crush to remove as much liquid as possible, put through liquidizer or processor, then mix with the beaten eggs. Make some pasta pastry in the normal way and leave it to stand. Roll out and prepare the taglierini (narrow strips of thinly rolled pastry). Gently cook the chopped spring onions in the butter until soft. Chop the livers into cubes and cook in butter in another pan to seal them, adding the Vin Santo for flavour once they are cooked. Last of all add the pine kernels and onions. Check the seasoning of the taglierini and mix in together with the sauce. Add small knobs of fresh butter to bind together and parmisan cheese to taste.