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Fillet of steak in Soia Bread

Serves 5 Ingredients:
400 gr. of soia bread dough
5 fillets of steak of about 200 gr. each
Rosemary Salt and pepper to taste
3 spoons of oil Brandy
10 slices of Parma ham
Preparation: Take the 5 fillets and lay them out in a frying pan with 3 spoonfuls di oil. Cook on a moderate flame, seasoning the meat with salt and pepper and a little rosemary, and then a sprinkling of brandy on top. The fillets of steak should be cooked rare. Next take the 400 gr. of soia bread dough (that you can easily find ready-prepared at your local bakery) and knead it into 5 round balls. Roll out each ball of dough fairly thinly and lay a slice of Parma ham in the centre of each circle of pastry . Place the fillets of steak on top and cover with the other slice of Parma ham. Next close the circle of pastry together so as to make a small pasty. Place all the pasties in an oven tin and cook in the oven at 150° for about 1 hour. Take the pasties out of the oven and serve hot.io Chianti "fresco di governo" Azienda Chianti Ruffino Fattorie in Greve in Chianti