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Fillets of veal au gratin with bread and mustard seed crust

Serves 4:
600 gr. fillet of veal
200 gr. fresh bread crumbs
100 gr. Meaux seed mustard
Salt, pepper, extravirgin oil to taste
2 dl. dry white wine
5 dl gravy
100 gr. butter
100 gr. skinned carrots
100 gr. peeled celeriac
100 gr. peeled baby marrows

Bread crust:
Mix the breadcrumbs with the mustard seed, salt, pepper, oil to taste.

Cook the fillets of veal in a pan at moderate heat with a little oil, salt and pepper.

Evaporate the white wine in the same pan used for the meat, add the gravy and reduce until only half the liquid remains, then add knobs of butter to taste.

When all the vegetables are skinned, boil in plenty of salted walter until cooked, then drain and glaze with butter. Cover the fillets of veal with a layer of bread crust about 1/2 cm. thick, then gratinate in the oven. Place the vegetables attractively around the plate, then, using a spoon, cover parte of the plate with sauce, and lay the veal fillets on top. Serve hot.

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