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Grilled white turbot on artichokes flavoured with oil and herb vinegar

Serves 4
700 gr. fillet of turbot
800 gr. artichokes
Extravirgin olive oil
Chopped tomato
Herbal vinegar
Salt, pepper

Carefully clean the fillets of turbot, then divide each one into 4 (three pieces per person) and leave to marinate in salt, pepper, a drop of lemon juice and the herbal vinegar for 10 min. Place them under the grill, taking care not to overcook them. Keep warm and covered for another 5 min. (this is very important for completing cooking and for preserving maximum flavour).

Wash the artichokes and remove the tougher leaves on the outside; cut off the tops of the leaves and the stalk, cut in half, remove the hairy part inside and slice up finely. Sautè in very hot oil in a frying pan with a little garlic, salt and pepper.

Mix 3 dl. olive oil, 1 dl. herbal vinegar, 100 gr. chopped tomato and chopped parsley. Beat well during cooking and add salt and pepper to taste.

Place the artichokes in the centre of the plate. Lay the fillets of turbot on top and surround with the sauce. Garnish with a leaf of parsley on top.

Bonaventura Mansi