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Pinot braised bass with vegetables in season

Serves 4:
1 bass of about 1 Kg.
1 aubergine
2 peppers
4 shallot
4 potatoes
2 glasses of Pinot
2 tablespoons of extravirgin olive oil
2 bay leaves

Preparation and cooking:
Clean out the innards of the bass and stuff it with rosemary. Chop up the vegetables into 1 sq.cm cubes. Place the fish and vegetables into a large, slightly oiled, oven dish together with a couple of bay leaves. Cook in a hot oven (280° ) until golden. Add the Pinot and continue to cook in a medium oven for another 20 min. Remove the skin of the fish and the bones and portion it out on four plates. Add the vegetables and season with the cooking oils. Serve hot.

This dish is perfectly in line with the new dietetical trends: it combines the healthy proteins and fats of the fish with a large quantity of vegetables, making it nourishing but low in calories. It is also visually attractive thanks to the various colours of the vegetables.

Recipe by Chef Michele Fabio.