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Puréed "caponata" soup with basil and mint

4 medium-sized aubergines (skinned)
10 courgettes
2 tomatoes
1 medium-sized onion
6 mature San Marzano tomatoes (skinned)
1 glass of extra virgin olive oil
plenty of basil
a twig of wild mint

Chop all the vegetables into regular sized cubes, slice the onion finely, and put everything into a wide low-sided pan. Add the oil, salt and pepper to taste, then the basil and mint, cover and gently cook on a low flame. The vegetables are ready when tender without becoming mushy (be careful not to overcook them), and no liquids should be added (this is only possible if the vegetables are covered and cooked extremely slowly). Put through a food processor and, if necessary, dilute with good vegetable stock. Serve the soup in bowls, garnishing with wild mint leaves and a drop of Tuscan olive oil at the last minute.

Umberto Montano