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Scampi Crêpe Rolls on cream of asparagus sauce

Ingredients (for six):
3 eggs
5 tablespoons of flour
250gr. milk
125gr. water
1kg. medium-sized fresh scampi
200gr. ricotta
1 shallot
90gr. butter
a few drops of brandy
1 teaspoon of curry
300gr. asparagus tips
salt to taste

Beat the eggs, adding the flour, milk, water and a pinch of salt so as to obtain a smooth paste which should be left to stand for 30 minutes. Peel the scampi and place 6 on one side. Cook the scampi with half the shallot, finely chopped, in 30gr. of butter for about 5 minutes. When cooked, add the curry powder and a few drops of brandy. Leave for a while to cool and then put through the liquidizer, adding the ricotta and a pinch of salt. Quickly cook the asparagus tips, which have been previously boiled for a few minutes, with 50gr. of butter and the remaining shallot half. Put these through the liquidizer as well, in order to obtain a smooth and velvety sauce. Prepare 6 paper thin crêpes with the mixture that has been left to stand for 30 minutes. Place one sixth of the ricotta-scampi mixture inside each crêpe while they are still hot. Roll up the crêpes, turning them up and twisting them at each end like enormous sweet papers. Put the crêpe rolls in a well buttered baking tin and place them in a hot oven (150°) for 7 minutes. Meanwhile quickly cook the 6 whole scampi previously set aside. Divide up and spread smoothly the asparagus sauce over 6 very hot serving dishes. Remove the baking tin from the oven, carefully place the crêpe rolls on top of the sauce (we advise you to use a spatula to do this). Cut the scampi tails lengthwise and place one on top of each crêpe roll to decorate. Serve at once while hot. At Restaurant La Panacea del Bartolini we usually garnish the crêpe rolls that are to be served to the ladies with a rose made from baby tomatoes and two minute parsley leaves.

Simone Bartolini, head chef