Trattoria Antico Fattore - Via Lambertesca, 1r - Florence - Phone 055 288975

Typical recipes

Lightly fry chopped onions, garlic, sliced artichokes, bacon and spinach beet, adding white wine and stock to complete the cooking. Pour over slices of toasted bread spread with garlic, top with a poached egg, yolk and all, then flavour with a dribble of "Olio del Fattore". This is a delicious meal at any time of the day.

Tripe, trotters and offal
Combined, these three poor man's dishes are a real speciality. Cut all three into slivers and cook separately. Gently fry chopped onion celery and carrots in refined olive oil, then fresh tomatoes salt and pepper. Add the tripe trotters and offal and when it has all thickened add some cheese. Serve in the terracotta bowls from Impruneta and enjoy your meal at the Antico Fattore