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Jerusalem is a Holy city for the Jews, Christians and Moslems alike. This mixture of culture, history and art is particularly noticeable in the old part of the city where each quarter has its own special characteristics.
The city of Jerusalem has several sites on the network. The site we have chosen is by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The page, which is called "Jerusalem, the holy city", also contains a large selection of interesting photographs and texts for lovers of art and archeology. The same site also includes details of exhibitions specializing in specific aspects and periods of the history of Jerusalem together with general information, provided by the Jewish University, on the various holy sites in the city.


Addar Hotel
Addar Hotel is an exclusive family run boutique hotel owned by Jerusalem's oldest and best known family..

Park Plaza
Rising above the entrance to Jerusalem, the hotel is the gateway to the ancient treasures of this Holy City. The location offers easy access to business centres and the main attractions...

King Solomon
History is everywhere to see and relive. Pass through the ancient walls of the Old city and explore exotic markets..


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