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San Marino, the oldest (since AD 301 according to tradition) and one of the smallest republics in the world, lies on the Appenines, entirely surrounded by Italian territory. The country is stunningly picturesque, with the majestic Mount Titano culminating in three peaks, each crowned by one of the defensive forts that have made independence possible, and with spectacular cliffs facing the Adriatic sea. The old city, tumbling like a veil down Mount Titano, is medieval with modern touches which well armonize with the more traditional buildings. If this surprising small country makes a lively visit with monuments, museums and art galleries, its website is just as varied with information in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Czech, Hungarian, Swedish, Polish, Slovenian and even Esperanto!


Ixo Hotel
legant atmosphere, attention to particulars, the pleasure of hospitality..

Grand Hotel Primavera
Our valuable 4 star hotel, opened at the end of the nineties and located a few kilometres from the suggestive and historical center of San Marino in a panoramic and calm position, will be the ideal...

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