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Paris was probably founded by the Gauls who built a small town on the left bank of the Seine, followed by the Romans who arrived under the command of Julius Caesar. The continuous barbaric invasions led to this first small town being moved to the Ile-de-la-Cité, after which it slowly expanded along the banks of the river. Paris became the capital city in 987 when Hugh Capet founded a new dynasty, thus raising the city to that level that it was never to lose again during the course of the history of France. The rise to the throne of Philippe II Augustus marked one of Paris’s most splendid moments: construction started on the Louvre while the University was founded in 1215. Further splendour arrived during the reign of Louis IX, from 1226 to 1270, when Sainte Chapelle was built and work continued on Notre-Dame. Paris lived through one of the saddest episodes in its history under the Valois dynasty, with the revolt led by the head of the Parisian merchants Etienne Marcel in 1358. Charles V managed to re-establish order, meanwhile building the Bastille and other monuments, but this peace did not last long. The civil war between the Armagnacs and Burgundians led to the English invasion and occupation and saw Henry VI crowned King of France at Notre-Dame in 1430. Charles VII eventually recaptured Paris in 1437, but new riots alternating with terrible epidemics of the plague devastated the already exhausted population. After this, for the entire 16th century, the various kings who succeeded the throne of France preferred to take up residence in the castles of the Loire, rather than in Paris.


Hôtel Des Mathurins
The Hôtel des Mathurins is located in a quiet street in the heart of Paris close to the Madeleine and department stores. The Hôtel des Mathurins and its staff are pleased to welcome you.

Saint Petersbourg Opera
An exceptional location in the heart of Paris close to the Opera Garnier, Printemps, Galeries Lafayettes and Madeleine.

Best Western Premier Pergolese
A haven of charm and elegance in the heart of the capital where you can reach the Palais des Congrès, the Champs Elysées and the Eiffel Tower on foot.

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