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Founded in 315 BC and named after a sister of Alexander the Great, Salonika (Greek: Thessaloniki) is a strategically situated port in the heart of the Balkans, about 300 km northwest of Athens. It is the second most populous city in Greece and serves as the economic and cultural capital of Macedonia since Roman times.
Its principal landmarks are its Byzantine churches and two 15th-century structures: the White Tower on the waterfront and the Venetian citadel on a hill to the north.
Created to celebrate the city's status as Cultural Capital of Europe for 1997, this website has information in Greek, English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, and Indonesian.


Electra Palace Hotel Thessaloniki
The architectural style of the hotel is based on the city’s lush Byzantine history and dominates over Aristotelous Square.

Makedonia Palace
The Makedonia Palace captures the gracious style and legendary ambience of the cosmopolitan capital of Northern Greece, Thessaloniki.

Nea Metropolis
Hotel "Nea Metropolis" is located in the centre of Thessaloniki, at 22 Sygrou street. It was built in 1925. The main characteristic of the building is its traditional architecture.

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