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Sofia is the capital and largest city of Bulgaria and its political, economic and cultural center, being the seat of the University of Sofia, the National Art Gallery, the National Library, and the National Theater.
Founded in AD 29 by the Romans on the site of an 8th-century BC Thracian settlement and destroyed by Attila in 447, Sofia was later rebuilt by the Byzantines. After 1396 it was ruled by the Ottoman Turks, who made it the administrative centre of their Balkan territories. In 1879, Sofia became the capital of the restored nation of Bulgaria. A further period of change began with the end of Communist rule in 1989.
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Hotel Lion
Hotel Lion is situated within immediate vicinity of the cultural and administrative center of the capital. It charms you with its unique atmosphere of luxury and coziness in the heart of Sofia.

Hotel Central
Hotel Central is conveniently located in Sofia's central part, in near proximity to all key administrative buildings, banks, shopping centers, museums, cultural and architectural landmarks.

Scotty's Boutique Hotel
Scotty's Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Sofia in a recently renovated building, part of the city's historic heritage.

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