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Universally acknowledged as one of the world's jewels, the city of Venice comprises a mainland area as well as 118 small islands within a lagoon on the Adriatic sea in northeastern Italy. Outstanding Gothic, Romanesque, and Byzantine buildings attest to the city's glorious past as the unchallenged broker of east-west commerce, lasting over the centuries until the Portuguese discovery of an all-water route to the Far East around Africa. This admirable website, kindly hosted by the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Venice, is single-handedly organized by its author as a comprehensive collection of annotated links to every conceivable online resource about Venice, ranging from photo galleries to forums on the conservation efforts aimed at saving the city from the threats of flooding and pollution, and from history to the arts; while those planning a visit to the city will find a variety of practical information like maps, hotels and updated calendar of events.


San Marco Palace
Any great city scatters its attractions about, but there is always a nucleus where business meat plesure, where local landmarks are appropriated by international tourism.

Hotel Gabrielli Sandwirth
Hotel Gabrielli Sandwirth, a XIV century palazzo, one of the most exclusive hotels in Venice, is family run already for more than 150 years.

Hotel Al Sole
A precious gem of Venice: Palazzo Marcello.

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