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S.Maria Novella: the Pharmacy Sales room

Ceramic vases
Ceramic vases


The Pharmacy Sales Room (previously the Acciaiuoli Chapel) is a rare place with an eighteenth century atmosphere: here one can find aromatic cordials and preserves, cosmetics and perfumes, essences, creams and toothpastes. The storeroom, the rooms behind the shop and the laboratories that once belonged to the Dominican friars are quite fascinating and composed of a series of long narrow rooms, separated by arches, containing huge carved cupboards, stills and ancient ceramic vases.

Noli me tangere
M. di Nardo, Noli me tangere

There is even a collection of paintings on the walls. A chapel frescoed by Mariotto di Nardo (active between 1394 and 1424) opens off one of the corridors. Unfortunately these rooms are not always accessible to the public.

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