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Antonio da Sangallo

antonio sangallo

Florence 1455 ca.-1534

Also known as Sangallo the Elder (Antonio Giamberti, Firenze 1455-1534), the descendant of a family of architects, he was less famous then his brother Giuliano, with whom he often worked, but was very well thought of as a military architect. He restored Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome (from 1493 onwards), worked at Civita Castellana (1494-99), at Poggio Imperiale in Poggibonsi (1495-1513) and on the project for the Fortezza Vecchia at Leghorn. He completed Piazza SS. Annunziata in Florence (1517), where he limited himself to making a replica of the Loggia of the Innocenti by Brunelleschi, an example of the extreme inflexibility of Florentine architecture. His later works, like the Church of San Biagio at Montepulciano, are of greater artistic value and resume, with a freer and more original interpretation, the formal strength of the 16th century.

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