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Spinello di Luca Spinello called Aretino


Arezzo 1346 ca. - 1410

Known as the Aretino, was a painter with great narrative talent and decorative taste. His work was influenced by Agnolo Gaddi and Andrea Orcagna, with whom he studied, and contains the solemn and archaic-type forms in use in the early 14th century (Giotto) while also showing slightly more modern tendencies due to his elegant portrayal of popular subjects and episodes in typical late Gothic style.

Religious life

His finest work, where he composed some beautiful images within a pleasing module, is the cycle of frescoes of the Stories of St. Benedict (in San Miniato in Florence), the Stories of St. Catherine (in the oratory at Antella) and the Stories of Saints Ephesus and Potitus (1391, in the Camposanto or cemetery in Siena). He also painted a great many less important works on wood.

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