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According to the Italian law, based on the Community provisions, EU non-resident travellers may be granted VAT refund for goods intended for personal or familiar use purchased in Italy.
This relief - not covering the services supplied, for example, by hotels, restaurants, taxis, agencies etc.) - is surely an advantage for the foreign travellers: in fact they can save from a minimum of 4% up to a maximum 20% of the selling price of the goods purchased.
However, the EU non-resident traveller can make use of this benefit provided that he meets all the requirements set forth by the Italian legislation.
You can be granted VAT refund or relief provided that:
* the foreign buyer is a EU non - resident traveller;
* the goods are intended for personal or familiar use and are personally carried in the baggage;
* the overall value of goods exceeds 154,94 Euro (VAT included);
* the purchase is certified by an invoice containing the description of goods, the personal data of the traveller as well as the particulars of his passport or of any such equivalent document;
* the goods leave the EU territory within three months after the end of that when the purchase was made;
* the goods go through some special customs formalities;
* the invoice is returned to the Italian seller within four months after the end of that when the purchase was made.

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