Eraldo Bernocchi: guitar
Bill Laswell: bass
Reeno: voice
Gennaro Tesone: drums

Eraldo Bernocchi has been a long-time protagonist of the European electronic and experimental scene. With a treasure trove of eccentric sounds and nocturnal melodies he could but come to Bill Laswell's Greenpoint Studio. Laswell as bass player and leader has proved capable of crossing the whole musical firmament, from Material to Painkiller. They met two years ago, just after the beginning of Eraldo's Ashes project. This collaboration has enabled him to fulfil in the new cd "Corpus" the ideas already treasured in "Ashland" (1994), whereas Reeno, singer of Almamegretta, has joined the group to freely express his shaman-like soul. Taking the fusion of forms and pitch experimentation from jazz's free improvisation and mixing it with the sombre yet exciting atmospheres of the electronic milieu, Ashes stands as tribute to the meeting of three lively personalities and a vibrant artistic experience. Tonight's event will be a world première.

Tickets: BOX OFFICE - via Faenza 139r - tel. 055/210804
TEATRO PUCCINI - piazza Puccini - tel. 055/362067
GALLERIA DEL DISCO - sottopassaggio della Stazione - tel. 211319


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