by Sandro Pintus

An artist who works in the midst of the Tuscan countryside

He works among the green hills of the countryside between Arezzo and Perugia which are absolutely covered in flowering broom at this time of the year. The patches of yellow are broken up by large spreads of poppies and the brilliant foliage of the oak woods growing round the old farmhouse where the artist lives and creates. Andro Cecovini is an artist who creates in the midst of Nature and who makes Nature the main subject of his art. He creates beauty to imitate whatever he sees around him from day to day. The lovely perfume of flowers, the spring breeze, the smell of wet earth after a summer storm, the chatter of the chicada, the flickering light of the glow-worms and the sound of water from the fountain that he built himself as a homage to Water.

The artist printing one of his etchings
These are the surroundings that allow the artist to create his etchings and engravings according to the time of the year and in the midst of the farmhouses of the Tuscan countryside. He uses one of the old printing techniques that the technology at the end of this millenium appears almost to have forgotten; the artist enhances its value even further by proposing it almost by force on a rather special public of enthusiasts who appreciate this rare expression of art, invented by Dürer and utilized by some of the finest artists in Europe. With unlimited patience, Cecovini heats the plate and the ink, then places it carefully on the press and pulls the print. The view from his window will give him inspiration for his next etching.

The last works inspired by maya culture
Cecov, as the artist signs his name, is from the "Metis Art School", a Californian founded school formed of artists of mixed races. Influenced by this artistic trend, Cecovini is at present working on a series of Maya figures, etchings and engravings that are bound to have as much success as all the other work he has carried out in the last twenty years.

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