by Sandro Pintus

"Matisse and Tériade"
an exhibition in Florence of twenty-five years of art

Another interesting appointment with twentieth century art has been organized by Artificio in Florence with the "Matisse and Tériade" exhibition, which is dedicated both to the artist and the editor. It tells the story of two personalities whose collaboration contributed towards enriching the world of art. The exhibition follows a chronological order while also underlining Matisse's artistic maturity and giving a clear portrayal of the fruits of his friendship with the young Greek editor.

The poster of the exhibition organized by "ARTIFICIO"
The exhibition covers the twenty-five year period of art that was to mark the creative, inventive and astounding collaboration between Matisse and Tériade. A collection of works that has come from all over the world to illustrate this artistic and human adventure that first started at the time of the "Minotaure" art magazine and then continued with "Verve", on view in the exhibition and defined as being the most beautiful magazine in the world, and which, apart from Matisse, also published contributions by Picasso, Chagall and Le Corbusier. Here we can admire "Jazz" (1947), another publication by Matisse and Tériade, as well as works like the collage of the white elephant,where the artist manages to catch the animal's fear of falling off the tiny pedestal it is forced to perform on at the circus. Instead "The Fall of Icarus", set among the stars in the blue sky, portrays a white undefined figure, which has lost its wings, swooping, with arms outstretched and a bright red splash at the height of its heart, through a black corridor. The exhibition excites emotion and sorrow as well as gaiety and poetry, transporting us freely into the imaginary world of a great artist and a great editor, both of them dreamers. It concludes with the masterful photos by one of the greatest photographers of this century, Henry Cartier-Bresson, which take us back to the realities of the daily life of the two protagonists: Matisse painting in his studio, in his garden or inside his home and Tériade thoughtful or pouring out champagne into glasses, as if he is trying to show us that, although they were exceptional men, they were really just like us. "Matisse and Tériade" - Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence, September 20th-December 8th 1996

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