by Sandro Pintus

Internet Yellow Pages 1996
Yellow Pages and CD-Rom containing all the Italian sites and more besides

This is a CD-Rom guide to the sites on the network and will be extremely useful for Internet research and link-ups. However, let's have a quick look to see how this CD works. When you open it, a menu appears with a list in alphabetic order of the various categories: these range from Shopping, Travel, Science, Countries and Means of Information to Museums and so on and cover roughly thirty categories. This is followed by a secondary research containing buttons with the various names and subjects, as well as the guide and exit buttons. If you click on Science, a moving window will appear with names of the various sites. If, for example, you select "Da Vinci Design Company", whose address you can find at the bottom of the page (, you will find that they supply inventors with services that range from the development of the original idea to the taking out of a patent.

Internet Yellow Pages (Cover page of the book published by Tecniche Nuove in Milano)
Here you can also find the address of the Astronomical Observatory of Bologna, the Nasa, the Australian Oceanographic Centre, the Canadian Forestry Programme and other interesting sites. All you have to do to link up with them is click on the button at the bottom of the page. Under Health you can find an information site on AIDS, another site with information on cancer, or a Virtual Hospital that contains an informative library of hypermedial text books on medicine and health, together with a link-up with "Medical Museum" which includes a demonstration by the Virtual Hospital (http://www.uh.radiology.uiowa. edu). If you want to amuse yourself, you can look up a site that explains how to make your own home-made beer, an Israelian site on the Martial Arts and, under the Games title, you can find a series of 140 links connected with games. The Information category also includes the BBC's radio and television programmes as well as a section devoted to Human Rights by the USA State Department that will keep you up to date on the evolution of human rights in the world. In other words, this is not only an extremely interesting CD, it is also useful for world navigation, as well as being great fun to use. Edizioni Tecniche Nuove of Milan, 570 page guide and CD-Rom for Windows L. 39.000

Silvia Messeri & Sandro Pintus

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