by Silvia Messeri

"Mutant Message Down Under"
The "journey" of an American scholar among the Aborigines in the Australian desert.

Marlo Morgan, an American scholar visiting Australia for work, was offered an award by a tribe of Aborigenes, which she naturally decided to accept. After having spent a lot of money on clothes and hotels to go to where the award was to be presented:, she was taken by jeep into the Australian desert where some native women asked her to take off her Western clothing and jewellery. After giving her a rag to cover herself with, they set fire to to every bit of clothing she had been wearing, in front of her incredulous and horrified eyes. Seeing that it was now impossible to return to "civilization", the woman set off on her "journey" with the tribe of Aborigenes into the Australian Outback. It took four long and exhausting months and she was to cover over 2.000 km in her bare feet. Thus she gradually began to learn about the life of the True People, which is what these native peoples call themselves. She was to find a culture that really extremely close to Life and the Earth, where the individual becomes part of Nature and the Cosmos.

The cover page of the Italian edition of the book by Marlo Morgan
In this way Marlo Morgan discovered that the prize that she had been offered by the tribe of the True People was a priceless gift, vitally important for her life and the future of the human race. A Mutant (this is what white people who go against the laws of Nature are called), was thus taken for the first time to the sacred grounds of the Australian aborigenes where she was told that the tribe had decided to go there to die because their time on this planet was over and their children were without a future. The tribe gave her the name of "Mutant Message Down Under" because her heart beat for both worlds, that of the Mutants and that of the True People, and not only did she learn to survive but also to understand the wonders of nature, even in the midst of a desert that appeared to be without any life at all. She discovered that the Tutto tried not to leave his children without food but that they had to forage for it themselves. Using the sensitivity in her hands, she learned to understand when plants were ready to be eaten, how to discover water by instinct and smell, and cure the sick with the traditional Aborigenes medicines. She found out that the True People did not celebrate birthdays or anniversaries but only particular moments in their growth which were then announced to the community.

Australia (photo Blue Planet©)
Royal Black Swan, the name of the spiritual companion whom she was destined to meet, initiated her and gave her the task of taking a message of respect for the future of the Planet and the Human race to the people of the Mutants. Although this book is written like a novel, it is a true story and tells about this writer's personal experience, an experience that is full of love for the life and nature that surrounds us, with the result that it is an extremely enriching romance. Marlo Morgan - "...e venne chiamata Due Cuori" - Sonzogno Editore, Lit. 26.000. The original title is "Mutant Message Down Under" - Harper Collins Publisher.

Silvia Messeri & Sandro Pintus

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