Pontormo e Rosso, la maniera moderna in Toscana
The diary of Jacopo da Pontormo

The City Council of Empoli has organized an original exhibition, divided into two sections, as part of the celebrations for this Mannerist painter. The presentation of this Diary, signed by the artist, and the Magliabechian Composite Codex, from which it comes, are both on loan from the National Central Library in Florence.

The diary of Pontormo
The 17th century copy of the diary carried out by Filippo Baldinucci, and several drawings by Pontormo that come from the collection of the Uffizi Gallery of Prints and Drawings are also on display. The second section is didactic and documentary, with 24 panels reproducing all the pages of the Diary and their relative transcription, completed by a detailed glossary that helps illustrate the various subjects described in the Diary. Convento degli Agostiniani
Via de' Neri - Empoli
23th Dicember 1996 - 23th February 1997
Opening ours: 10am - 6pm

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