Let us help the children of Chernobyl

Legambiente's project for 1996 plans to welcome over five thousand

The basic idea behind the campaign of solidarity that Legambiente is organizing for the areas of Bielorussia and Ukraine, affected by radioactive fall-out 10 years ago, is to bring the children from areas contaminated by the explosion of the nuclear power plant to Italy for a month's holiday. In fact, according to a study by Enea, a month's stay in Italy with radionuclid-free food will allow them to lose from 30 to 50% of the radioactivity absorbed, thus lessening their chances of being affected by tumours of the thyroid, leuchemia and other illnesses that are the direct consequence of the accident. Thanks to Legambiente, 2.000 Bielorussian and Ukrainian children were able to come and stay in Italy in the summer of 1994. This number increased to 3.500 in June to September 1995, as a result of the help given by the 150 local Committees throughout the country. The organization hopes to be able to invite at least 5.500 in 1996.

Painting of some children of Chernobyl
The children are all aged between 7 and 12 and come from the towns of Gomel and Kiev. They will be staying in various parts of Italy with families or in collective structures and specific hospitality programmes will be prepared, with the help of a local organization leader for each group of children (the mayor, town councillor, priest, President of Legambiente or some other association, headmaster, head of teaching, etc.). This fantastic initiative will coincide with a collection of funds to buy medicines and equipment for the pediatric departments of the Bielorussian and Ukrainian hospitals. Every year a delegation from Legambiente will be travelling out to the contaminated territories to deliver medicines, according to request, directly to the various hospitals. S.M.

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