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Let us save the cypress trees in the Chianti

The common cypress tree (Cypressus Sempervirens) almost certainly originates from Persia and Syria; probably first introduced and planted by the Etruscans, it can be found growing all over Italy. The cypress tree is a long living plant (it can survive for up to 2.000 years), with marked characteristics and, over the centuries, has gradually become one of the most important historical and scenic features in the Italian landscape. In Tuscany the cypress tree represents a typical and characteristic element in the territory.

A typical Chianti landscape
The common cypress tree has been suffering from a devastating disease, commonly known as cancer of the cypress tree, for many years now. Although the most recent assessments of the number of plants affected by the disease are worrying enough, the true state of affairs is much worse because it is extremely hard to detect the symptoms of this cancer in its early stages. Phytosanitary treatment seems to be the only suitable and long-term method for saving and increasing this priceless heritage. The only way of treating it is by cutting the tree down or pruning its leaves and branches. Unless we want to lose an important part of our historic, scenic and environmental heritage, it seems obvious we must start planting new trees which should come from the resistant "clones" of "Bolgheri" stock to avoid finding ourselves with cancer-prone cipresses again. The Banca del Chianti Fiorentino, which has always had an interest in helping to protect the environmental heritage, is now promoting and financing an important project that entails the safeguard of the cypresses of the Chianti. After a detailed survey, operations have been under way since October to cut down and cure the existing trees and plant new ones. Thanks to this initiative, unique in its kind, the Bank shows its particular sensitivity towards this magnificent area, the inspiration of so many artists in the past and present and the destination of thousands of tourists every year.
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