by Rosaria Vettori
doctor of acupuncture

Cervical arthritis curable in eight sittings

Cervical pain can be caused by more than one pathology. The most common causes are due to muscular spasms and cervical arthritis. Muscular spasms can be caused by incorrect posture which leads to the head being held further forward, bringing strain and contraction of the muscles.

Symbology of the "King" and the balance between Yin and Yang
It can at times also be due to somatization caused by anxiety and depression. By cervical arthritis, we mean a degenerative alteration of parts of the vertebra and the intervertebral disks. The pain is mainly localized in the area of the neck, often with a headache at the nape of the neck which tends to spread to the upper part of the head and the eyes. Moreover, the pain can spread to the shoulders and arms, and then down to the hands by means of the nerves situated in the cervical column. According to traditional Chinese medicine, any pathology coming from the cervical column is caused by energetic alterations. The descent of energy from the head towards the body and viceversa can become blocked either through mechanical factors or through perverse energy like Cold-Winds or Damp-Winds. Once the correct diagnosis has been made, cervical pain responds positively to treatment by acupuncture, which usually reduces pain and muscular tension. The points used are situated in the meridians that cut across the affected area, or that are placed at a certain distance (hands, legs), as well as auricular points.

One of the points of cervical arthrits
It is important to combine acupuncture sittings with massage of the neck and shoulder muscles, as well as treatment of the painful areas (Trigger points), which should be carefully sought out and treated separately by means of stimulation while, if necessary, some points can be heated with moxibustion. Treatment requires two sittings a week during the acute stage, followed by one sitting a week to arrive at a total of eight to ten sittings. For further information please call: 055 213854 See also: Acupuncture, an ancient and traditional Chinese medicine
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