by Sandro Pintus

A century of photographic portraiture in Italy
Portraits from 1895 to 1995

Yet another splendid photographic exhibition, organized by the Fratelli Alinari and previously at the Venice Biennale, is now open in Florence at Fort Belvedere. The curator is photography historian, Italo Zannier; the exhibition, entitled "I and his double", covers a century of photographic portraiture in Italy, with 400 photos by two hundred photographers, and will remain open until June 25th. A journey in time divided up by the poses, costumes and hair styles as well as by the materials used. The room the Alinari Brothers used for sittings has been set up in the exhibition, so that visitors can get a better idea of the length of times and rythms needed for portraiture one hundred years ago. There is a portraitof Garibaldi and "visiting cards", the Countess of Castiglione and Queen Margherita as well as the portrait of an actress from the theatre in a Fin de Siècle fabric frame. We can also find the portrait of Eleonora Duse, a memorable photo, rare and somewhat sad, midway between photography and painting, that was to set the photo of the time on its way towards a more prosperous future.

"Photocouples" by Maurizio Berlincioni,
one of the photos in the exhibition
The photomontage of a composite portrait by Marinetti completes the Futurist photography while Neorealism, with photos by Franco Pinna, takes us to a world that ranges from photojournalism to the ethno-anthropological documentation of a changing Italy, thanks also to its "Paparazzi", with Tazio Secchiaroli, Via Veneto and his film stars. We can also enjoy Maurizio Berlincioni's ironic photocouples playing a game where the couples, seated on a divan shaped like a pair of lips, pose in the nude, Marcella Campagnano's provocative photos with her "Female invention of roles" and last but not least Antonello Frongia's experimental work. "I and his double" a century of photographic portraiture in Italy 1895/1995 - Florence, Fort Belvedere, until June 25th 1996. Hours: open daily 10am./7.30pm. See also: New techniques in portraiture FAN

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