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Teatro della Limonaia and Laboratorio Nove present:
Intercity Festival
International festival between cities

The festival's name alone gives a good indication of the basic formula behind it. In Italy, an "Intercity" is a train that connects up two large cities quickly and directly. The manifestation wishes to do the same thing by equally efficiently placing the city of Florence and Sesto in communication with another city in the world, in order to give the public an idea of what can be seen there, and how the world of the theatre is organized and functions in different environments. Apart from hosting the various theatre and ballet companies selected from the area of research, the programme of the festival, which continues for over three weeks, also includes two mixed productions: one with Italian actors and a foreign director and the other directed by an Italian, and based on contemporary scripts by authors from the selected country.. The programme also includes exhibitions, theoretical and practical seminars, meetings and debates. Since the 1992 edition, which was dedicated to MONTREAL, we have also opened a section on the playwriting of the chosen country, with the presentation of various scripts translated especially for the festival and performed as a "mise en espace" by Italian actors during a meeting where the authors are present. These scripts have been published in a free edition of Intercit Plays since 1995.

The Festival poster
Eight editions of Intercity have already been held, all of which have received an enormous success with both public and critics: New York (June 1988), Moscow (May/June 1989), Stockholm (September/October 1990), Budapest (September/October l99l), Montreal (October 1992), Montreal 2 (September/October 1993), Madrid (September/October 1994), Lisbon (September/October 1995). The 1996 appointment will be Intercity/London. The Festival is promoted by the LABORATORIO NOVE of Florence and by the TEATRO DELLA LIMONAIA of Sesto Fiorentino, a theatrical space created inside the beautiful eighteenth century lemonary of Villa Corsi-Salviati at Sesto (FI). International Festival between cities
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