by Marta Marini
Herbalist and paedagogist

The message contained in typical aspect of the tree

For people who have been through great physical or moral suffering and are so tired and exhausted that they are incapable of making any effort to do anything. These people find daily life a heavy burden that is without any pleasure. E.Bach This kind of message is contained in the Olive tree, with its smooth trunk that gradually becomes so twisted that it eventually splits and becomes hollow in the centre.

Olive flowers
It is like a person that feels empty, tired and terribly exhausted, usually for some precise reason: a serious illness (also after an operation), prolonged and intense stress from work, a long period spent looking after a sick person, a period that has taken all strength to survive (as during wartime), in other words when a person suffers from complete loss of energy and lacks all strength. Depletion of vital energy leads to debilitation, like the flower whose petals fold inwards, as if they have collapsed. The olive is also helpful when people are prostrate after some crisis, like after a divorce or a death, this is because of the typical aspect of the tree, which divides and splits into two. People in this kind of situation also suffer from a total loss of interest and are unable to face up to life. But how does this evolutionary change come about in the Olive? It comes from the vital strength transmitted by the olive tree: it is an evergreen tree with a long life and great reproductive force: even when it is very old, it still produces pollen. This remedy brings a return of vital strength and joy of living; it comes from sunlight reflecting on the hills of olive groves and, according to the ancients, the hot dry quality of the oil, in other words, solar strength, the source of extremely rich caloric energy. The Olive can be said to be represented by Penelope who, it spite Ulysses's long absence and the difficulties she had to face, found the strength to survive and welcome her husband back, on his return, to the wedding bed, which was providentially carved out of olive wood.

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