A short history of the Academy of the Georgofili

The Georgofili's name has become famous all over the world since the day of the bomb explosion, though probably only a few people knew about this unusual Academy before the tragic event. Now in its 243rd year, the Academy of the Georgofili was founded by Abbot Montelatici in 1753, under the aegis of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, to encourage agronomical studies.

The simbol of the academy
It was a revolutionary initiative for the times and, above all, unique in Europe for it was the very first "association of minds interested in the improvement of agriculture". The Academy changed headquarters several times (it was also for a time in Palazzo Vecchio), before finally settling in the Torre de' Pulci which has already been seriously damaged twice before: it was badly damaged by the German mines in 1944 and during the flood in 1966. S.P. See also: The reopening of the Academy of the Georgofili Discoveries during its restoration


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