by Sandro Pintus

Mediartech Special Internet is fine for passing on information but not for human contact.

This is the opinion of Maurizio Nichetti, actor and director and member of the Mediartech jury. "I have recently started exploring the Internet planet, but I don't often link up with it because of lack of time. As yet it seems to be extremely slow to come up on the video and so I soon get bored with it and switch it off. However the wonderful thing about Internet is that we are connected up all over the world; in fact, thanks to the Network, I discovered quite by chance that I have friends in Brazil".

Maurizio Nichetti, the comedian, taking part in the Mediatech jury (foto di: Torrini fotogiornalismo)
"In my opinion any means can be used for passing on information though in the end one finds that it is the human contact that is missing. I noticed that in the videoconference for example that it was extremely difficult to interact even when several people were in direct visual contact. In fact people rarely seem to change their opinions". "Virtual reality can be extremely useful though this depends on the way it is put to use. In films for example it is possible to create scenes from the past, the future or pure imagination. Toy Story is a practical example of how one can make a film with virtual scenery that in this particular case creates the effect of surrealist painting though I fail to see how it can be applied to the theatre in general".

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