The food and wines are blessed with an extremely noble prehistory of their own: they all date from man's earliest dreams and will only die with him. Anecdotes telling us that Gadda was a glutton for food, that Carlo Bo would do anything for a plate of beans "all'uccelletto", that Tommaso Landolfi was a refined connoisseur of wines, or recall that Prezzolini made a point of stopping off at the Antico Fattore when he was passing through Florence to give Giulio, its proprietor, a copy of his book "The history of pasta", could almost seem to be unimportant pieces of information, created to add a little folklore and as a curiosity for avid readers. Instead the Antico Fattore has always been and still is a school for many lovers of good food. It has won the praises of gastronomists of reknown for its famous sage giblets and its roulades of beef and artichokes, still prepared according to the original recipes, and whose origins, together with Florentine style tripe, date back to before the Uffizi was built.

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